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Subject: [Patents] imagine...
Date: Thu, 20 Feb 2003 09:18:15 +0100
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Just an unimplementable idea?

Imagine we would have 25 MEPs gathered to listen to one
speaker, assisted by one or two computer professionals
(really fast guys). Then take 7 minutes of speaking time to
ask the MEPs to invent something, simply by asking them
(holding up a portable computer) "What would you like this
machine to do?" Then you would get at least 10 suggestions.
During the talk the hackers would pick one of the ideas and
implement it. Their work should be displayed on a screen on
the side as it progresses.

When the talk is finished, the implementation is presented
and simple questions asked like if there already exists
EPO-patents covering this and how many questions to nature
the hackers put when hacking.


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