[Osdem]Software patents. Speak now.

José María Mateos josemaria.mateos at hispalinux.es
Wed Feb 19 12:10:47 UTC 2003

El mié, 19 de 02 de 2003 a las 12:57, rb at raphinou.com escribió:
> Who should be contacted? The chairman? 
> http://wwwdb.europarl.eu.int/ep5/owa/whos_mep.data?ipid=0&ilg=EN&iucd=4330&ipolgrp=.&ictry=.&itempl=&ireturn=&imode=
> or is there a specific fax number for the commitee?
> Raph

	I think you should contact the chairman in first place, and then the
vice-chairmans/members if you want. Specially those belonging to
Christian Democrats, who are the less anti-patent ones (that's my point
of view).

	Anyway, I've sent a fax to the chairman (I'm just a student) only.


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