GPL Question about music in Freeciv

T.J.T van Kooten thomas at
Sun Feb 16 22:40:40 UTC 2003

Hi all,

I would like to ask a question about the use of music 
tracks for the GPL game Freeciv. I've been in contact 
with a musician and he has agreed to give permission to 
allow some his of tracks to be used for Freeciv as long 
as he's given credit. 

"All tracks performed by Chris Abbott and Alistair "Boz" 
(c)1986 High Technology Publishing Ltd., (p) 2001 High 
Technology Publishing Ltd.
taken from the CD "Back in Time 3", used with 
permission. More info at

Does a licence like that cause any problems?  If you give 
permission to use your music (a datafile) for a project 
would that automatically place it under the GPL or do the 
full copyrights for the song itself still remain with the 
original author? 

I don't believe there are problems with this. But I would 
like to verify with someone in the know before i give the 
final go ahead.

Thanks in advance,

Thomas van Kooten 

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