Moving Away From GAS??

eagleattitude at eagleattitude at
Fri Feb 14 20:17:47 UTC 2003

Many leaders are moving away from GAS, Legal, ISP's and 
they are finding a home with a company that has
twice the payout (same $150 start-up) and a TON
of credibility.  

This companies leading product has been featured in 
87 Major News Media Publications in the last year alone.

The list includes:  The Wall Street Journal, The N.Y. Times, CNN, Newsweek and Money Magazine just to name a few! 

The media has fallen in love with the product because it 
can show 130 Million people how to save $300 - $1500 
in there first few months or 100% of their money back!   

The compensation plan will pay as much as $100.00 
for every $150.00 sale in your left & right legs.
Our Success team is driving a power leg of volume
so one side of your 'cash-cow' will already be built. 

To learn more, call 888-413-9906 and follow my instructions.


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