BlackOut2003 - "More sutainted Software/IT needed?"

Niall Douglas s_fsfeurope2 at
Mon Aug 25 00:49:22 UTC 2003

On 24 Aug 2003 at 13:55, Robert Michel wrote:

> > All these things will improve naturally as software engineering
> > matures. Until then, usually he who pays more gets a better product,
> > and until management understand this they can continue to expect
> > problems.
> Realy? M$ Windows 2000 licence cost more that a Debian distribution.
> There are more example that paying more means not getting a better
> product. The money must be invested inteligient.

The majority of world wide software development is bespoke solutions, 
not off-the-shelf packages. People blinded by pro-free and pro-
proprietary ideologies often forget that in the big pool of things, 
companies such as Microsoft are influential but not all-powerful. For 
example, Microsoft makes its profit from two things: (i) Office and 
(ii) Windows. Every other venture it has entered either barely makes 
a profit or loses sometimes billions a year.


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