BlackOut2003 - "More sutainted Software/IT needed?"

Robert Michel news at
Sat Aug 23 20:48:34 UTC 2003

Salve FSF,
don't fear that I started to bombing you with mails ;), I want just to add
a short explaination what I mean with sustained (Nachhaltig)
(This should be more importanted than the news about the BlackOut)

Thinker of the  "Rocky Mountains Institut",
the and "factor 4" people are looking for solutions,
which are smarter, better for the consumers and better for the enviroment.
They have an over 20-year tradition to think about complex systems with
human, enviroment, economical, political and technical components.

The shortes example would be to choose frigirators with lower electricaly 
power consumption - after a short periode they are cheaper than a cheaper 
that a frigirator with a more worse isolation.

Why FSF-Europe? Because I think the same SCADA technologie is used in Europe 
too - I think Europeans should not say or think this can`t happend here. 
There are many example of malfunction of trains, cars, plains,.... based on 
IT-mistakes. By a growing importance of IT for critical infrastructure as for 
daily live - there must be change fot IT.
The concepts and examples of the RMI, Wupperinst & Co people can train the 
way to think for getting better sustaned solutions.

I`m not shure if sustained would be the best translation and I think that
"sustained software" is still not a populare slogan for IT-people - but I`m 
shure that it will become.
So if you imagine or understud my thoughts, and you would be interested in it,
please contact me by PM.
news at 


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