BlackOut2003 - "More sutainted Software/IT needed?"

Robert Michel news at
Sat Aug 23 20:08:17 UTC 2003

Salve Jeroen,

Am Samstag, 23. August 2003 21:22 schrieb Jeroen Dekkers:
> On Sat, Aug 23, 2003 at 08:58:23PM +0200, Robert Michel wrote:
> > Salve FSF-people!
> >
> > > - that there have been a Slammer worm attack at the Davis-Besse nuclear
> > > power plant on 25.01.2003 inside the control network[1]
> >
> > Please be so kind and wait 2-3 days to forward this news to others.
> It's already known, see
> for example.
Yes, but I sended you the information  how to find the official report on the server. Read it and compare it with theregisters article.
Not the article by security-focus but this report is a chance for FSF-PR.
Even the report itself is it!

What do you think about my idea of call for "more sutainted Software/IT ?
Everybody who is going to build a house must follow rules to avoid fires that 
could damage the neighbours house, there are so many Norms for nearly 
everything. Norming means more security, easier construction by charing 
know-how and more political econopics succsess. What do you think why "Made 
in Germany" has become ;= Quality? Germany's succsess from 1950-today is 
based on DIN and ISO norms.
These norms are open knowledge for everybody ony the papers are 
copy-protected, but not the knowledge - this is free to use.

When I read the documents of the NERC, which has announced a "Cyber Security 
Standard" on the 13.08.2003
 I thougth this could be compared this the §rule in UK, that every house must 
have a fire alarm bell vs. the §rules in Germany, that rule very restrictive 
how to build houses with less fire riscs (non-burning material, distance to 
neighbour houses, non-burning fire-walls...)

The report of the nuclear plant worm-attack consider all reasons why it has 
happend and all possible action against the unsecurity 
- but to ask if the used (closed sorce) software MS-Windows 2000 is a reason
and what alternativies to it would be possible.

I recomend to see the frontline TV broadcast about Cyberwar (54 minutes)
and to know where Bushs words "This is a wake-up call" could come from.
And to read about the "Cyber Security Standard" 

Jeroen, what do you think about my idee to call for sutainted software/it?

For those who are interested to going into details, please send me a PM.
And again, I would like get respont by a German-reading FSF person.



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