BlackOut2003 - "More sutainted Software/IT needed?"

Robert Michel news at
Sat Aug 23 18:58:23 UTC 2003

Salve FSF-people!

> - that there have been a Slammer worm attack at the Davis-Besse nuclear
> power plant on 25.01.2003 inside the control network[1]

Please be so kind and wait 2-3 days to forward this news to others.
This link is one of the best I found but I haven't released this news yet.
My articel will be more than saying a power plant was hit, I want to show that 
the reasons for the IT unsecurity is based on a non sutainted way to think 
and solve problems. There are many news today, which don`t explain why thinks 
are gonig wrong. My call for sustianted software will support free software.
So please wait, 2-3 day that this news in my article will make my conclusion 
more populare, too.

Thank you.

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