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Fri Aug 15 09:09:42 UTC 2003

Niall Douglas <s_fsfeurope2 at> wrote:
> They should be able to stay in their own countries who paid for their=20
> education and develop a competing industry and thus wealth generation=20
> at home. Of course, world trade rules are heavily biased against them=20
> doing that which is why illegal immigrants are flooding western=20
> borders. Many thanks globalisation! :(

Random thoughts, probably wildly OT, reply off-list please:

Odd mix of extreme-right ("flooding" "illegal immigrants") and
anti-globalisation opinions.

Thanks to mismanagement, even countries that have a pension system which
looks like it should be sustainable have reduced it to a tax-based system,
so shrinking population base requires either immigration or cuts in our

If there is such a flood of illegal immigrants, why is the outcry not about
that, but refugees?  I had a leaflet from the UK Conservatives this week
stating that they would withdraw from UN and European conventions in order
to set quotas for refugees, which is absurd.

There's a paradoxical situation here: we need immigrants, but our
representatives also want to preserve our lead over the source countries,
which means restricting the amount of wealth transferred back by them.

The language barrier really shouldn't exist still, but you know my opinions
on that already I think.

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