Most recent full copy of Directive on patentability of computer implemented inventions

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A Qui, 2003-08-14 às 01:31, Niall Douglas escreveu:
> It says they must for "inventions for all fields of technology" if I 
> remember. Ok, you can argue that software isn't an invention, but 
> you're on thin ground because software can be an industrial tool. And 
> since any software program could be implemented purely in 
> electronics, you're scuppered because if an electronic machine can be 
> patented (it can), and you can implement some of it in software, ipso 
> facto software must be patentable. Wasn't there some German court 
> ruling on this?
I recommend Phillipe Aigrain's text on this:

He was the responsible for software in the IST program. As for the
german court ruling, there are other rulings that contradict it.

> Anyway, it's a null point. All the MEPs think it needs patenting. And 
> they would sound incredulous if you tell them TRIPS doesn't mandate 
> it.
Nice, wrong generalization. Some of the MEPs I've discussed this issue
are AGAINST software patents.

> > If you're talking to MEPs, please coordinate with europarl at
> > There are MEPs that are going to table ammendments that haven't been
> > presented yet, and it could be helpful to put the MEPs you're
> > contacting with others from the same political group.
> First time I've heard of that list. When did it arise?
According to my records, July 5. Each of the
		europarl-<country code>
addresses include the people who have been fighting this at the europarl
level. I'm in the europarl-pt list.

Contact with them. The situation is not as bleak as you think and any
help is greatly appreciated.

João Miguel Neves <joao at>
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