Most recent full copy of Directive on patentability of computer implemented inventions

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A Qui, 2003-08-14 às 00:54, Niall Douglas escreveu:
> Once an international agreement is signed, it's binding (unless 
> you're the US). I don't think any MEP was happy with the TRIPS 
> agreements, the US screwed us over on a number of points bad for the 
> EU and we could have done much better. But then the EU isn't a 
> cohesive whole pulling in the same direction - during the 
> negotiations the US kept using divide & conquer tactics to wring out 
> more concessions.
> Once it's done though, it's done. We must have software patents. 
> Luckily, the TRIPS wording as to what they must entail is quite 
> vague.
WRONG. There's nothing in TRIPS forcing software patents, no matter how
many people repeat that mistake:

> > Is the
> > SME committee an EP committee ? I thought it was some other group of
> > MEPs. Anyway, are you aware that one MEP cannot table amendments in
> > plenary?.
> Mrs. Doyle ran through the amendments procedure with me and well, 
> it's complicated. She said she wants one or two amendments as you had 
> thought with extremely strong but concise arguments in favour of 
> them.
If you're talking to MEPs, please coordinate with europarl at
There are MEPs that are going to table ammendments that haven't been
presented yet, and it could be helpful to put the MEPs you're contacting
with others from the same political group.

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