Most recent full copy of Directive on patentability of computer implemented inventions

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Wed Aug 13 23:26:26 UTC 2003

A Qua, 2003-08-13 às 23:56, Ciaran O'Riordan escreveu:
> We need a consensus on what amendments to endorse.
> There are 14 proposed amendments, the list is available at:
>   Amendments are marked "AM".  Amendments can only be tabled
> at JURI meetings and there are no such meetings until Sept
> 10th, so this is the final list.
Wrong. JURI is over. Ammendments can only be tabled in plenary by a
political group or a group of 32 MEPs (Members of European Parliament).

>   In Ireland, we've worked hard on the patents issue.  The
> response we get is that they know the directive is bad but
> they don't want to vote against it, they want to amend it (so
> that the process won't have been a complete waste of time and
> money).
>   No matter how hard it is, we have to find a set of
> amendments that will make us happy.  We then say to our MEPs
> "Unless amendments X, Y, and Z are passed, you must vote No".
> This gives us a chance to get a good law passed, and it gives
> our MEPs a firm reason to vote No if needs be.
You should present them a vote list. That is, a list of ammendments and
yes or no for all of them. Conditionals are too complex to advocate for.

>   Does anyone know of a good/agreed set of amendments?
> I'll try to work out a set myself if no one knows.  I think
> the Greens/EFA drafted an amendment, I'll start by looking for
> this one.
There will be tabled ammendments in plenary that have not been discussed
in any of the committees so far. If you have contacts with irish MEPs
please contact europarl-ie at for coordination. You'll be able to
get most of the information from there.

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