Royalties and Free Software?

Alexandre Dulaunoy adulau at
Tue Aug 5 09:35:35 UTC 2003

On 04/Aug/03 22:18 +0200, Wouter Vanden Hove wrote:
> In Belgium, and probably in other European countries copyright-law
> allows you to make a copy for your own personal uses. Educational and
> research copies are also allowed,but what many don't know is that you
> actually pay for these copies through small, almost neglible taxes, on
> blanc cdroms, printers, scanners, copiers,... 
> This money goes to certain copyright-organisations that redistribute the
> money to copyright-holders. Typically one has to become a member of
> their organisation to get a part of the share. 

We would like  to get some money back from  the taxes. The requirement
seems to  be an official author  rights organization (it  seems a long
way) and you have to prove the % of usage of the media use for private

We would like  to try this with the  ASBL/NGO Association Electronique
Libre in Belgium. 

Another  difficult part  is the  repartition of  the money  ?  This is
already really complex for the SABAM for example. 

just my .2 EUR,


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