xdrudis at xdrudis at
Fri Nov 29 15:01:58 UTC 2002

> My view is off a left and equil open world.
> I also truly hope people will change their view off politicians. 
> They 
> should actualy ask them question, ask for answers, demand reason. 
> Mail 
> them, it realy works. For example the software patent guideline 
> from 
> Europe. How many people have send their concernce to a 
> parlmentarian 
> about this?

I heard people say that email bombing campaigns are ineffective. 
Total silence is lethal, of course. So I guess we need a balance.
How do you think about this?. What's the best approach?.
> I'm not a politician I'm just working for them and introducing free 
> software at my best ability. It's not easy as they have little 
> knowledge 
> about IT as a whole. Let stand to get them read and invest energie 
> in 
> free software.

And let's not forget the other part, let's get politicians teach 
us how to best use our forces to "lobby" for free software. I'm only 
speaking for myself, but when I try to I feel there's much to learn 
on political strategy, working with the press or simply effective

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