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Fri Nov 29 11:49:33 UTC 2002

On Fri, 2002-11-29 at 11:29, Onno Timmerman wrote:
>   Let me to introduce my self as I havn't done this yet.

> I'm currently busy with the software patent isseu wich is an awfull thing.
> Also am starting a file on palladium
> - education
> - internel market adventages of Free Software.
> - promoting GNU/Linux for use in goverment and my party
> ...
> Give me luck!

Very good luck! If you can only do one thing, then please, please ensure
that as many people in your political acquaintance realise the true
horrors of software patents, the EU Copyright Directive and so on. These
are issues which (non-corrupt) politicians can make mileage from, as
long as they are educated and realise the perils these corporate-funded
laws bring forth.

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