Onno Timmerman Onno.timmerman at
Fri Nov 29 11:29:19 UTC 2002

  Let me to introduce my self as I havn't done this yet.

I'm Onno Timmerman native tongue is dutch. Due my dyslexia you will see 
some strange errors. Yet I think for best communication we should use 

I'm currently employed for the Flemisch socialistic party sp.a of 
Belgium as an It-philosopher. Practical that means I'm going promoting 
the free software philosophy for the parlementarian of the flemisch, 
federeal, european parlmenterians of the sp.a. In fact I'm writing this 
in parlement because we asking questions right now.

I hope to have as much support as possible because I don't know 
everything. So if somebody has things I should let ask in parlement 
please say me so.

I'm currently busy with the software patent isseu wich is an awfull thing.
Also am starting a file on palladium
- education
- internel market adventages of Free Software.
- promoting GNU/Linux for use in goverment and my party

Give me luck!

Onno Timmerman
onno.timmerman at

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