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John Tapsell tapselj0 at
Tue Nov 26 17:15:26 UTC 2002

On Tuesday 26 November 2002 12:22 pm, MJ Ray wrote:
> John Tapsell <tapselj0 at> wrote:
> > [...] we will only have 100 / (the number of countries in the EU) percent
> > of the posts in english. That way we can reduce effective communication
> > to zilch.
> I suspect English is a minority first language here.  Claiming some sort of
> intentional "primary" status on the main list is rather arrogant.  Other
> lists I am on exist fairly happily in English and German, or English and
> Italian.  Don't want to give people the opinion that FSF is only for
> English-speakers, eh?

Now you're being silly.  The best "primary" language is the one with the 
highest set of people that know it.  That's just common sense - not 
arrogance.  If esparanto had taken off a lot more and a higher number of 
peolple could understand that, then I'd be advocating that.

Having a mix of languages helps noone.  Having an intentional primary language 
is very useful.  

If somebody knows German and English, then should they post in German or 
English?  It would be almost rude to post in German in this case (Assuming 
that the email wasn't targetted specifically for german, non-english 
speakers, or some other such factor).

This isn't arrogance, merely basic set-theory.


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