Free software and public administrations?

Anton Zinoviev anton at
Tue Nov 26 13:50:59 UTC 2002

First I'd like to thank all who have given URLs.  We will make use of

On 24.XI.2002 at 16:23 Alessandro Rubini wrote:
> Similarly, I tend to always stress that how we shouldn't care about
> technical excellence.  We may be technically superior, or we may not,
> but this isn't really relevant.  

Busyness oriented people often say "I am not a developer and I don't
care about sources.  I am not going to develop new software, I am only
using what is currently offered to me.  And I am also interested if
this software is well supported.  How long will continue this
development?  It can stop, can't it?  I also need to be compatible
with the others."  I am interested which is the best strategy to
advocate the free software to such people.

I'd like to mention one argument against GPL which can be heard from
time to time here.  If the government decides to use the existing GPL
software for security related works, then they will have to publish
all algorithms which are state secrets now.

Anton Zinoviev

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