Free software and public administrations?

Wouter Vanden Hove wouter.vandenhove at
Sat Nov 23 03:45:32 UTC 2002

Op vr 22-11-2002, om 19:52 schreef Anton Zinoviev:

    Now in Bulgaria an active campaign against the free software is going.
    There were books and TV-transmissions explaining that the free
    software is evil (unfortunately we heard that one of these books is
    being translated in English). 
Can you give more details about these books and tv-transmissions? 

The TV-thing, was it a conversation in a kind of talkshow, or a
What exactly did/do they say/claim or insinuate? 
Can you make an english transcript of what is said? 
That make is easier to give comments and to dispell myths and FUD. 

Who are the authors of the books? 
Did you do a Google Search on them? 
Are the books and the TV-transmission related? 

Curious Flemish Greetings,
Wouter Vanden Hove

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