SVG Patent situation?

Bernhard Reiter bernhard at
Tue Nov 19 12:30:00 UTC 2002

With the recently felt uprise of SVG hacking activity
we wonder what the patent situation regarding SVG is.

Comments on SVG showed problems with this a year ago. E.g:

W3C itself has a page for SVG 1.0, still documenting problems.
The updated page for SVG tries to create the impression the problems are gone.

Is this really the case?

It would be good to find or write an analysis of the situation from the 
point of view of the Free Software movement.

        SVG 1.0 Patent Statements

        This document has been superceeded by the generic SVG Disclosures
        page. It remains here for historical purposes and to provide more
        information on the licensing terms that companies provided for the
        SVG 1.0 Specification.


        *  There are three organisations who offered a RAND license
           for SVG 1.0 (Kodak, IBM , Quark)

        *  The other statement that was not completely royalty-free 
                was from Apple

                As of today, the SVG Working Group participants and the W3C
        are not aware of any royalty-bearing patents that are essential to
        implement the deliverables of the SVG Working Group, which includes
        all versions of the SVG specification and the SVG Mobile Profiles.

        Last updated: $Date: 2002/11/13 14:11:45 $

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