[Osdem]RMS et al on software patents at the European Parliament

David GLAUDE Mailing dglaudemailing at gmx.net
Sun Nov 17 08:53:42 UTC 2002

Actually, having limited space is a good news. ;-)
With a bit of mobilisation we can make it a very visible event
inside the European Parlement.
If people need to stack in order to participate,
there is obviously a big interest on this topic.

The most important information is that in order to get
physical access to within the European Parlement, you need
to be identifyed as comming to the conference (security issue).

This mean you have to contact first:
Laurence Van de Walle
lvandewalle at europarl.eu.int
If ever the room is overfull, she will tell you.

Other working link:
A few news over the net:
Even more interesting link on Linux FR
where people organise themself to get from various location in France.

Translation and similar news into your news site or your mailing list are
Various Belgian Linux User Group have been contacted.
Belgian University and Computer Science dep. should start soon.

Poster are available from Laurence Van de Walle if you have a public place
with a lot of potential interested people (University, User Group, ...).


>From: "Xavi Drudis Ferran" <xdrudis at tinet.org>
>Subject: [Osdem]RMS et al on software patents at the European Parliament

> The next event is a conference in the European Parliament in Brussels,
> tuesday, november the 26th. Important speakers will be present to
> discuss about the effects of software patents, the proposed directive
> and what to do about it. There will be free software representatives
> such as Richard M. Stallman, academics like Fran├žois Pellegrini (of
> Libre Software Meeting fame) or Brian Kahin from the University of
> Maryland, , representatives of innovative software companies in
> Europe, patent experts and of course members of the European
> Parliament (MEPs).

> The good news is that it is a public conference and anybody can
> go. The bad news is that capacity is limited. The program and contact
> information for registration (free registration is required) is at

> http://www.greens-efa.org/en/agenda/detail.php?id=770&lg=fr
> http://www.greens-efa.org/fr/agenda/detail.php?id=770&lg=fr

> Xavi Drudis Ferran
> xdrudis at tinet.org

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