Official position of RedHat regarding software patents

Bernhard Reiter bernhard at
Wed May 29 16:21:43 UTC 2002

On Wed, May 29, 2002 at 06:12:55PM +0200, Jan Wildeboer wrote:
> Bernhard Reiter wrote:
> >Note 2:  In my eyes Software on which a patent exists does indeed
> >take away the second freedom to study how the program works.
> >What is studying worth if you cannot use your learned knowledge 
> >(ideas not the code) to implement something similiar and use it to earn 
> >money.
> That sounds more like not being allowed to "help your neighbour". I can 
> study the source, I can modfiy it, I can publish my changes but I am 
> bound to a defined set of licenses.

If you modify the sources you are bound by the license already.
The GNU GPL will not permit you to publish this under a different
license then anyway.
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