GPL and dsitribution of source code

Jan Wildeboer jan.wildeboer at
Tue May 28 08:26:42 UTC 2002

Thanks to all for sharing your thoughts. It is really appreciated.

I will try to express what are the results for me and ask yous to 
correct me when I am wrong. I guess we will write some sort of manifest 
for our project to define our projects policy and the way we interpret 
and work with the GPL.

* Anyone is allowed to write modules/add-ons for our project and 
distribute them for any fee they would like to charge. They may decide 
to only send the sources when the fee has been payed. We as the core 
developers of this project can only kindly ask anyone to send us the 
sources when they want them to be reviewed or integrated in our project.

* If these add-ons/modules are integrated in our work the whole work is 
under the GPL with all consequences.

* Noone can limit the rights of distribution when the customer has 
received the sources. Anyone that has paid any company a fee for their 
add-ons/modules is entitled to distribute this derived work at any rate 
they want. When the customer decides to share the sources as a 
contribution on our projects site the company that developed the 
add-on(module cannot do anything against this.

* We can define that a company that is not willing to share the sources 
with the community in the way we do it (for free, immediate release) is 
not allowed to announce his product in our forums as we have clearly 
written that that will be seen as commercial advertising which is not 
allowed in the forums.

I hope I have learned my lesson well :-)

Thanks for your support.

Jan Wildeboer

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