GPL and dsitribution of source code

Jan Wildeboer jan.wildeboer at
Mon May 27 23:35:49 UTC 2002

Kalle Svensson wrote:

> Somewhat related, the cool URI of the week:
> Question 6 deals with exactly this question.

Unfortunately I am not sure about this. This question deals with binary 
distributions. But our application is distributed in source form. We 
have been informed that when source code is the normal form of 
distribution GPL 3 is out of scope. I dont like this, but I cannot be 
sure if that is true or not. That's why I am asking.

The GPL seems to be focused on binary distribution. That's why I am 
sking if it is a flaw in the GPL when it comes to interpreted language 
that is usually distributed in source form. If in this cae GPL 3 is out 
of scope I am not able to receive the sources. That would be something I 
find hard to accept.

These companies I am talking of have programmed some add-ons that can 
only work with our application. They are of no use without our 
application. When GPL 3 is out of scope we are not even able to check 
the sources for correct license and copyright statements without paying 
the desired fee of these companies. That is something I find hard to 

Jan Wildeboer

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