RedHat and software patents

John Tapsell tapselj0 at
Mon May 27 13:10:06 UTC 2002

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> I made the proposal to add some GPL'd software to Cygwin.
> To be more specific, it was ACL related SW from the Linux development.
> The responsible people from red hat told me that they cannot include
> such code because read hat only allows them to use code for cygwin
> that has been written by RH people.
> This is devinitive a non GPL friendly behavior. The only reason to behave
> like this is that RH sells non-GPL versions and thus would get problems
> with the other code.

I see you point, and your concern, but you do see red hats reasons.  A lot of 
ppl have done similiar things (although just because everyone else does yadda 
yadda).  Even GNU won't include GPL'ed code if they don't own it.
The GNU ppl have a document on it - including reasons about being able to 
protect it better, protecting against various scenarios that I've brought up 
on this mailing list - that involve reversing a GPL license on software, etc.

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