Lancement de la Clause logiciel libre / Free Software Clause Launching

Jaime E. Villate villate at
Mon May 27 09:43:38 UTC 2002

On Sat, May 25, 2002 at 04:51:28PM -0400, Mathieu Gauthier-Pilote wrote:
> What is it? 
> The Free Software Clause is an initiative of the Free Software
> Foundation * which aims to promote the use and development of free
> software within all types of organizations.  Consequently, any
> organization finding itself in agreement with the principles of the Free
> Software Clause is invited to adopt it by inserting it inside its
> constitution or social contract. 
> * = For now, the Free Software Clause draft is an initiative of Mathieu
> Gauthier-Pilote (that's me, hello), but with your help we can make it
> good enough so it deserves to be endorsed by the FSF, and to be adopted
> by members of the GNU Business Network. 

I'm confused. To me, the statement "is an initiative of the Free Software
Foundation" means that it has been reviewed and endorsed by the FSF. But that's
in contradiction with "we can make it good enough so it deserves to be
endorsed by the FSF"

Is the FSF aware of what your doing? (please keep in mind that I'm not making
any judgment on the importance of your work, I just want to figure out how the
work is being done).

> The Clause can be found right now in the drafts CVS directory of the FSF
> Europe on :
> - fsfe/fr/drafts/clause_logiciel_libre.txt - for the original French
> version 
> - fsfe/drafts/free_software_clause.txt - for my (inaccurate) English
> translation (Please FIX ME!) 

It is not a good idea to keep the two versions in separate directories and
with different names. The way the website has been organized, you should put
the two files in the same directory and use the same name prefix, adding "fr"
and "en" suffixes to distinguish the two language versions.


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