RedHat and software patents

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	Are you aware of these software patent applications ?'molnar+ingo'.IN.&s2='red+hat'&OS=IN/%22molnar+ingo%22+AND+%22red+hat%22&RS=IN/%22molnar+ingo%22+AND+%22red+hat%22'molnar+ingo'.IN.&s2='red+hat'&OS=IN/%22molnar+ingo%22+AND+%22red+hat%22&RS=IN/%22molnar+ingo%22+AND+%22red+hat%22

	The embodiments of the present invention described are
	implemented in a computing platform based on the computer
	operating system commonly known as 'Linux' that is available
	as open source directly over the Internet. Linux is also
	available through various vendors who provide service and
	support for the Linux operating system. Among these vendors
	are Red Hat, Inc., of Research Triangle Park, N.C., the
	assignee of the present invention.


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