Trying to speak about "logiciel libre"

MJ Ray markj at
Thu May 16 00:53:45 UTC 2002

Tomasz Wegrzanowski <taw at> wrote:
> You can use some nouns as adjectives, for example
> noun 'computer' can be used in some contexts as
> adjective 'computer' (computer program), but
> word 'freedom' can't because it's adjective form is 'free'.

No-one is suggesting that it is.  I think the suggestion was that "freedom
software" is a compound noun, not that "freedom" is an adjective here. 
Indeed, the difference to an adjective was shown.

If "freedom software" is "ungrammatical", do you also complain that "freedom
food" is too?  If not, consider that an example of your relation:

  freedom food == food from-the-idea-of freedom
  freedom software == software from-the-idea-of freedom

Maybe a pattern could be extended to:
  mob rule == rule from-the-idea-of mob
or there's probably a better example...

> That's why the proper form is 'free software' not 'freedom software'.

I doubt that grammar inspired the selection of the term that much.

Probably this is enough language games for now.  As long as we all agree
that the important things to communicate are the freedoms, we can disagree
over the best ways to do that.

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