Free Software and Business/Administration

MJ Ray markj at
Wed May 15 21:58:50 UTC 2002

Bernhard Reiter <bernhard at> wrote:
>> What are your experiences in the field?
>> *starving for a less pessimistic view*
> Well I'm running a Free Software business.
> As a service business we are oriented to help our clients with tasks.
> Of course we do this according to our company ethics
> (as any company, but many may not say or think so explicitely).
> Many business persons are listening to the freedom arguments.

I have to agree with this... I think the practical commitment from a
development company not to do any of the normal "lock in" tricks is a
powerful selling point, especially in a field like internet software
development.  As Alex hints at in his reply, it is rather easier to make
this point persuasive with customers who have been harmed by it in the past.

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