Georg C. F. Greve greve at gnu.org
Wed May 15 11:33:51 UTC 2002

Hi everyone,

Thomas Templin just visited me and volunteered to evaluate the
possibility of printing HURD T-Shirts in time for the LinuxTag in
Karlsruhe (given that the HURD team finishes their design draft in

Another thing we've been thinking about was whether we should maybe
open a second line of FSF Europe t-shirts, for which some feedback
would be welcome. Some ideas would be:

 a) Logo¹ on front on the left chest about hand size, GPL preamble on
    the back.

 b) "Europe on the GNU" on front, FSF Europe Logo¹ centered over the
    shoulder blades.

 c) Only Logo¹ on front on the left chest about hand size.

Sweatshirts may also be a possibility. But then they should
preferrably be minimalistic, I guess. So what about:

 * Logo¹ on front on the left chest about hand size.

Should the timing work out: What is your opinion? Feedback welcome
until Friday, May 17th.


¹ for instance http://gnuhh.org/work/fsf-europe/logo.html

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