Letter to Microsoft

Thorsten Haude fsf at thorstenhau.de
Sun May 5 10:37:18 UTC 2002


I read a great letter (2002-04-08) from the Peruvian Congressman Dr.
Edgar David Villanueva Nuñez to the Peruvian General Manager of
Microsoft regarding a proposed law about Free software in public

English translation of the letter:

The original in Spanish

Microsoft's letter

The proposed law

I searched my personal list archive but couldn't find anything about
Peru, so I thought I might point it out. The letter is the best text
about the issue that I'm aware of.

I contacted Señor Villanueva Nuñez about a German translation of the
letter. Is there already any work done on this? Is there anybody willing
to help? Native speakers of Spanish are escpecially welcome.

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