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 ld> 	shows

 ld> Power Panel

 ld> "Open Source vs. Proprietary Software - benefits, problems, and
 ld> implementation strategies"

 ld> Panelists will include representatives from: Computer Associates,
 ld> FSF Europe, Hewlett-Packard,, Open Solution
 ld> Providers, Raining Data
 ld> 	who will be speaking there ? I don't see this event on the
 ld> page.

I don't know.

Normally it was the people from the FSF North America speaking at the
"Linux @ work" events (Bob Chassell made regular appearances there).

For some reason they cannot afford to pay for his flight this year, so
they asked me to give a keynote on their event in Frankfurt that I
haven't decided on yet.

You should probably ask who they have as a speaker and (in doubt)
point out to them that they should replace FSF Europe by FSF North


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