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El mar, 26-03-2002 a las 00:48, Benedikt Wildenhain escribió:
> > > > 	Marcus, I really think that you undertake the importance that Linux has
> > > > had in the spread of Free Software ideas. 
> > > AFAIK Linux only spread open source ideas.
> > 	I don't think so. Most Linux users talk about and understand what Free
> > Software is and means.
> I do not believe that. There is a growing number of Linux users who do
> not know gnu, fsf, lugs or anything like that. Of course, they are more
> ore less invisible to the community, as they have no contact to us. I
> know some people who do not know the difference between Linux and a
> certain Linux distribution. For example, last week my uncle told me that
> there was only a little Linux booth on the Cebit. After some questions I
> knew he was referring only to SuSE. I told him there is more than
> distribution on the world serveral times before. And I am sure there are
> alread many, too many linux users.
> Perhaps the FSF Europe should not only try to spread the principles of
> free software, but also try to encourage the distributors to emphasize
> (or at least mention) the principles and tell their users about the
> community.

	I think this is interesting, as it means that Linux is reaching
"normal" user level. I haven't seen this myself.

	I think that Distributors could make a better job as you suggest, but I
think some are afraid of publicly promoting free software (the usual
free software/open source marketing problem). I think these fears
haven't good reasons, but...

	They also try to emphasize the product's technical characteristics, and
forget license/formal ones.


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