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El vie, 22-03-2002 a las 22:12, Marcus Brinkmann escribió:
> > 	Currently? Yes. But I think they (we) do see that although currently
> > the main reason is that is is free/gratis  (this is each day less true),
> > in the future it will be better (more capabilities/stability) and for
> > everyone (not owned by a company).
> But the reason to use free software should not be that it is better, because
> then people will stop using free software if it fails to be better.  This is
> especially important because some laws prevent us from doing software that
> is better (patent law for example).  Sometimes free software is better, and
> sometimes it isn't.  In both cases you should use free software because it
> is free.

	True. But the fact is that free software *is* better because is libre.
The problems is that if it has less features/stability than propietary
software, final users need a pragmatic approach to a good
libreness/featurefulness balance. A crapy free program shouldn't be
encouraged to be used instead of a propietary working one, if the user
can't do with it what he/she wants. Otherwise all free software could be


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