GPL - possible violation - what should I do?

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> In the example mentioned, the Court applied anti-trust rules to
> the Deutsches Rote Kreuz (German Red Cross), which clearly is a
> non-profit organisation (at least approved by the tax office).

But they are still a single organisation.

> Please note that this does not necessarily apply to the Apache
> Foundation, which does write the software, but merely supports the
> authors of Apache. It does apply to the Apache authors as a group,
> however. Writing Open Soruce software does not excuse you from
> competing with other (non-Open Source) software vendors in a fair
> manner.

Does being an informal alliance of competing vendors not prevent antitrust
action against them?  How can you make an antitrust case against an entire
industry sector?  I think it's like saying that orange sellers have the
market for oranges sewn up because they won't allow the apple sellers to
call their fruit oranges...

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