GNU/Linux (Was:Re: The Hurd / Stupid Diskussion / Difference between OS + Operating Environement)

Frank Heckenbach frank at
Wed Mar 20 20:49:12 UTC 2002

Georg Jakob wrote:

> This statement is rather old. I do not think it is to the point, anyway:
> The Linux Kernel was and is compiled with gcc.

That's exactly M E Leypold's point #3, and I agree with him that
this would be silly. I haven't seen any case where a program was
named after the tools used to create it. What if I write a
completely protable C program, should I call it
GNU/Sun/Borland/Microsoft/<insert other C compiler makers>/HelloWorld? ;-)

Actually, I'd consider this a *very* bad thing because then everyone
would be allowed (or required) to call their programs GNU/Something
if they compile them with GCC, even if they have no other relation
to the GNU project or the GNU system.

And according to this argumentation, Linux must now be called
BitKeeper/GNU/Linux. ;-)


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