GNU/Linux (Was:Re: The Hurd / Stupid Diskussion / Difference between OS + Operating Environement)

Georg Jakob jack at
Wed Mar 20 19:08:29 UTC 2002


On Wed, 20 Mar 2002, M E Leypold @ labnet kindly wrote:

>   1) Linux incorporates many GNU Tools. -- I think, this doesn't
>      apply, since it also incorporates X11, BSD-Tools and so on. I'd
>      have to call it Qt/GNU/X11/BSD/Linux.

This statement is rather old. I do not think it is to the point, anyway: 
The Linux Kernel was and is compiled with gcc. So GNU is the hen, the egg 
(=Linux) dropped from. The Linux Kernel and GNU/Linux could exist without 
Qt/X11/BSD/ albeit they might be less popular.

But without GNU, there wouldn't be any Linux. And maybe there wouldn't 
exist other things too...

So, at least IMHO, GNU deserves more credit then the other mentioned 
contributors. Has anybody tried to compile Linux with cc?

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Georg Jakob    
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 use of a screwdriver and cleaning up I got the update to behave." (A. Cox)

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