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Wed Mar 20 13:16:35 UTC 2002

On Wed, Mar 20, 2002 at 09:35:18AM +0100, Joerg Schilling wrote:
> >From marcus at Tue Mar 19 16:14:29 2002
> >> Also note: if you are going to compile on an unknown platform and don't like
> >> to understand how the Schily makefilesystem works you NEED to use smake.
> >> GNU make has limited features and don't helps you for unknown platforms.
> >>
> >> Also note: I am not forcing anybody to use smake but if you don't use it, you 
> >> will have to be aware of the negative effects of this decision.
> >So there is an alternative to smake?  I am confused.
> On a known platform you may use GNU make, on unknown platforms smake is 
> required.

This is really vague. Every platform I try to compile something on is
known to me.
> >> You don't like to go the easy way and you are trying to make me responsible
> >> for your decision. This is really silly.
> >Well, if you say I can use GNU make, I will of course try to do that.
> >Don't claim that you don't need smake if GNU make doesn't work.
> Well if you read the REAMDE's you see:
>        If you have the choice between all three make programs, the
>         preference would be 
>                 1)      smake           (preferred)
>                 2)      SunPRO make
>                 3)      GNU make        (this is the last resort)
> If this is not ehough, I can add a notice that GNU make will only work on known
> systems, but I am sure that people will not read this.

I'm confused. GNU make is the same on all platforms, isn't it? Why
does it only work on specific platforms?
> >> The method propagated by GNU does not give me the features I need.
> >> FSF people  always claim that people should write free software when
> >> they don't get the features they want. Well I did it and I am now critisized
> >> by FSF people :-(
> >I think it would be easier to see what it is going on if you would just
> >say that smake is required, and GNU make not supported.  You don't need
> >to add your critic to gmake to this decision.  The GNU project does it
> >the same way, sometimes GNU make is required and other makes simply won't
> >work.  But they don't hook their critic to other's make systems into it.
> Well GNU make is supported with known platforms. As this currently supports
> > 99.9% of all running systems it may confuse people more than it helps
> if I write that GNU make is not supported.

And why doesn't it work on 0.1%? Isn't that the fault of 0.1%?

And why do you complain that nobody rewrites GNU make because cdrecord
doesn't compile on 0.1% of the platforms? They have probably more
important things to do.

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