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Wed Mar 20 08:51:00 UTC 2002

>From mjr at Tue Mar 19 16:36:43 2002


>AND I AM AT WORK TOO.  What has that to do with this?

There is limited time for useless discussions at CeBIT.

>> If you are unable to understand this stay quiet.

>Why?  Ignorance has not prevented you spouting erroneous views on unrelated
>topics.  At least I know a little of the one I wanted to discuss with you,
>the Debian BTS.  Sadly, you do not want to learn.

It is bad to see that you don't like to lean. If you like to discuss things 
about the Debian BTS, then just stay with the topic.

>> If you are unwilling to read documentation, it does not make sense to 
>> discuss anything with you. Everything you ask is documented, so why should 
>> I spend my time and write things that I did already write years ago.

>I have read available documentation, but you usually give no references. 

This sounds silly again. All the information for cdrecord is inside the
source package. As you like to talk about the cdrecord package woudn't it make
sense to you to first read the documentation before you start to discuss things 
about cdrecord?

>The things that I have read on your private site do not fully explain the
>issues which I am attempting to raise, yet you still try to claim that you
>have already addressed them and I am not reading your documentation.

What is this related to? Please write things in a way so it is possible to 

>To be frank, you could design the most wonderful replacement for make ever
>created, but if you can neither effectively communicate that fact nor see
>that you cannot communicate it, your solution will make no progress.  All
>the ranting about other people needing to READ things will make no

The better is the enemy of the good. It seems that you just have a problem 
because you are at the side of the good and not at the side of the better.

However, the first thing to start with a project from another person would be 
to read the documentation that comes with the project and you just did 
obviously not read this documentation. If you likt to discuss things, please 
first  read the documentation you already have.

>On the make included files issue, you should remember that even your own
>documentation claims that your desired feature is non-standard.  Nothing
>like consistency, eh?

I don't what this should be related to. Sorry, if you ike a discussion YOU need
to give references. I always did give the references for the informagtion you 
need to read before we may discuss the makefile system: cdrecord's 
documentation. If you don't give references, we should rather stop this 


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