GNU Hurd

Marcus Brinkmann marcus at
Tue Mar 19 15:14:05 UTC 2002

On Tue, Mar 19, 2002 at 03:51:10PM +0100, Joerg Schilling wrote:
> I see no reason why I should have a look into a Debian Package for cdrecord.
> It is just a fork and as they don't give devent feedback it does not make sense
> to put time into private research.
> The Schily makefile system provides DEFAULT and RULES but I don't know whether
> they changed it.

Well, I am sorry I assumed incorrectly that it was an alternative
provided by you.  Because you insisted so strongly that I should use the
smake approach I thought that there was the smake approach and another
way provided by you.  Just disregard what I said then.

> Also note: if you are going to compile on an unknown platform and don't like
> to understand how the Schily makefilesystem works you NEED to use smake.
> GNU make has limited features and don't helps you for unknown platforms.
> Also note: I am not forcing anybody to use smake but if you don't use it, you 
> will have to be aware of the negative effects of this decision.

So there is an alternative to smake?  I am confused.

> You don't like to go the easy way and you are trying to make me responsible
> for your decision. This is really silly.

Well, if you say I can use GNU make, I will of course try to do that.
Don't claim that you don't need smake if GNU make doesn't work.

> The method propagated by GNU does not give me the features I need.
> FSF people  always claim that people should write free software when
> they don't get the features they want. Well I did it and I am now critisized
> by FSF people :-(

I think it would be easier to see what it is going on if you would just
say that smake is required, and GNU make not supported.  You don't need
to add your critic to gmake to this decision.  The GNU project does it
the same way, sometimes GNU make is required and other makes simply won't
work.  But they don't hook their critic to other's make systems into it.

I am sorry that the special way Debian packaged cdrtools added to this


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