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Joerg Schilling schilling at
Tue Mar 19 14:51:10 UTC 2002

>From marcus at Tue Mar 19 15:18:10 2002

>I am assuming here that the DEFAULT and RULES stuff is not the Schily
>makefile system.  Because what the Debian package did at build time was
>definitely not based on automake or anything like that.

I see no reason why I should have a look into a Debian Package for cdrecord.
It is just a fork and as they don't give devent feedback it does not make sense
to put time into private research.
The Schily makefile system provides DEFAULT and RULES but I don't know whether
they changed it.

>> >I doesn't make sense for me to use smake because I am stuck with the Debian
>> The Debian packaging system has no relation to the Schily makefilesystem.
>> You definitely don't need this Debian system at all.

>Sorry, but I need it.  In fact, as long as Debian does not use the
>Schily makefile system, I don't need that one at all.  For third party
>packages (non GNU), I need exactly what is in Debian, nothing more and
>nothing less.

Wrong. If you start to port a packae it does not make sense to use a possibly
defective fork.

>Are you saying that the build system in Debian has nothing to do with
>your software?  Was it added by the Debian developer?  I would be very
>surprised to learn that.  Care to enlighten us about the nature of the
>stuff that s used by Debian to build the package?

I don't care the Debian system, if you like to port cdrecord get it and 
start compiling it, but do not use modified versions.

Also note: if you are going to compile on an unknown platform and don't like
to understand how the Schily makefilesystem works you NEED to use smake.
GNU make has limited features and don't helps you for unknown platforms.

Also note: I am not forcing anybody to use smake but if you don't use it, you 
will have to be aware of the negative effects of this decision.

You don't like to go the easy way and you are trying to make me responsible
for your decision. This is really silly.

>> The Schily makefile system is the most advanced make system I know.
>> It compiles without manual intervention on all supported and on many unknown 
>> platforms.

>It is nice to hear.  The same can be said about the system used in most
>GNU packages.  However, the Debian package does not use it.

>Note that the reason I did not provide you feedback was because I knew
>that I did not try smake, and that you would not be interested in
>hearing about criticism of the non-smake build procedure.  The only
>reason I followed up was that you mentioned it in reply to Jeroens mail.

The method propagated by GNU does not give me the features I need.
FSF people  always claim that people should write free software when
they don't get the features they want. Well I did it and I am now critisized
by FSF people :-(

>I am very sorry that I don't have time to investigate your smake system
>right now (I don't have need for the features you mentioned).  The dumbest
>user of the world is now going back to build the GNU system.

You don't need to investigate but you need to read 100 lines of basic
information which you did refuse.

If you have problems because GNU make is missing features needed to compile, 
then you have three possibilities:

-	Use smake ( the best decision)

-	Fix GNU make

-	Find someone who fixes GNU make for you.

PLEASE don't piss on me because you just don't like to use the tools I provide 
you. If you decide to go the hard way YOU are responsible for the consequences.


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