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Joerg Schilling schilling at
Tue Mar 19 14:33:36 UTC 2002

>From: MJ Ray <markj at>

>Again: all we get from you is a constant stream of "RTFM" comments and
>simple contradictions.  There is much heat but no light.  You appear not to
>attempt to understand the messages you receive, you explain nothing and then
>insult other participants whenever they either cannot comprehend your
>cryptic message or do not agree with your opinions.

So you are learn resistant :-( 


If you are unable to understand this stay quiet.

If you are unwilling to read documentation, it does not make sense to 
discuss anything with you. Everything you ask is documented, so why should 
I spend my time and write things that I did already write years ago.

>Throughout this discussion, despite your protestations to the contrary,
>whenever I have looked for your engagements with the people you claim to
>have discussed things with, I have found practically nothing.

Sorry, I will not disclose private mail just because you are unable to
find information.


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