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Tue Mar 19 00:15:59 UTC 2002

On Mon, 2002-03-18 at 23:55, John Tapsell wrote:
> > That depends what it does. John, can you tell us more aobut it,
> > or are you bound by a confidentiality agreement?
> Well technically the university owns the IP, and I'm in negotions with them 
> to get it back.
What your university may own is not the IP but the copyright, or
authorship right, but how exactly so? Did you derive work from that
university's proprietary software? Did you sign any document at all
granting them the copyright over your work during your university years?

> > I personally would be rather reluctant to used proprietary software
> > for anything that matters, due to its here today, gone tomorrow
> > nature.
> Perhaps, but then I'm not really targetting you :)
> I feel exactly the same way - and if I wasn't in my shoes, I'd be arguing for 
> me to make it Free.

Then who are you targeting? Because in this area you'll probably be
targeting a fairly small amount of users if you expect to go

Hugs, rui

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