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Mon Mar 18 19:12:56 UTC 2002

MJ Ray wrote:
> Tomasz Wegrzanowski <taw at> wrote:
> > Admin of ftp site Linus used to distribute his kernel from
> > called it "Linux".
> I've just been looking for a source for this statement and I've failed.
> This fact seems to have fallen out of the collective consciousness of the
> web into some sort of subconsciousness.  Can anyone find it?

I haven't got a link to the place where I first found this info, and I
can't remember 
where it was - a book possibly? I ought to check when I get home on Friday.
Anyway a search turned up this:

"The name Linux was not coined by Linus himself, strange though that may
to people familiar with his self-esteem. It was coined by Ari Lemmke,
administrator at who first made Linux available for FTP.
Ari had 
to coin a name since Linus had failed to give a proper one, so Ari
invented one 
and it stuck."

- Richard


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