Reinhard Müller reinhard at fsf.or.at
Mon Mar 18 19:00:43 UTC 2002

Hi, John,

Am Mon, 2002-03-18 um 19.54 schrieb John Tapsell:
>   I have a bit of a problem.  I work on many projects, however one of them is 
> fairly big, and would benefit linux a lot.  Unfortunately I have university  
> and work etc to worry about, and development would be slow.  
>   On a whim, I mentioned the project to some VC's, and it turns out they love 
> it, and are willing to plow serious amounts of money, and give me a team of 
> developers, etc.  Being a uni student, I'm obviously very pleased and 
> excited, but if I did this I would have to make it closed source, and indeed 
> actively protect it.
>   Again, the problem is that it would benefit (IMHO) linux a lot, but on the 
> other hand, I wouldn't be able to develop it as much, and plus I have a 
> chance to pay off my university fees, and actually run my own business, etc.

The question is: who do you write the program for? who do you want to
benefit from your program? linux or the user?

If you write your program for the user, and you want the user to benefit
from it, it has to be free software of course.

-- Reinhard

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