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Mon Mar 18 17:09:08 UTC 2002

Hi Jeroen,

El sáb, 16-03-2002 a las 13:56, Jeroen Dekkers escribió:
> > 	I think that Linux has no special responsibility in The Hurd having few
> > help on its developing; If it wasn't Linux, it would have been FreeBSD,
> > or NetBSD, or MyUnixClone.
> There is a big difference between FreeBSD, NetBSD, etc. and GNU/Linux
> if you compare it with GNU/Hurd. Linux uses the whole GNU system,
> NetBSD and FreeBSD have its own userland. People who want to use the
> GNU system would use GNU/Hurd if GNU/Linux would not be available. 
	Thanks for explaining this 'small' difference to me.

	Anyway, I think there would have been another Linux 8), but it is of
course arguable.
> > 	The fact is that people wanted:
> > 	. Reliable systems
> > 	. Free systems
> GNU/Hurd is a free system and in theory it can be much more reliable
> than a system with a monolithic kenrel. (Mail microkernels vs
> monolithic kernels just to me and not the list, please. We are already
> offtopic enough)

	True. The problem is that even their creators don't recommend it for
production purposes 8)

> > 	And Linux and the others gave it to them, "quickly" (faster than The
> > Hurd could, probably).
> A reimplementation is always simpler and Linux was indeed faster
> because it was much easier to do.

	This is not the point in this discussion. It's not Linux's fault that
the Hurd a redesign and not a reimplementation.

> > 	But I don't think this is a Bad Thing for The Hurd; It is having much
> > more time for a much better development,
> No, we don't have more time. We have less time, because we have less developers.

	Maybe you wouldn't have neither as much as you now have: anyway this
again is very arguable.

> > and if, finally, it's design
> > proves superior, I have no doubt that it will clear the world of Linuxes
> > and alikes.
> Well, I would rather first clear the world of proprietary systems. :-)

	Definitely, this would be very keen of you ;)

> > 	But "meantime", I think we have some excelent, free unix derivatives.
> IMHO Unix is really too old and the last development on its design was
> back in the 80s. Sure, the current free unix clones are nice, but that
> doesn't mean we can't improve the situation.

	Of course we can and we must develop new design and see if they are
superior to the current ones. 8)


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