Please stop this lame thread (was:Re: BitKeeper licence critic)

michael.kallas at michael.kallas at
Mon Mar 18 12:03:12 UTC 2002

Hi Joerg, hi Jeroen,

Please, if you want to flame each other,
just leave out CCing it to a world wide read publical list!

Joerg Schilling <schilling at> schrieb am 16.03.02:
> >From jeroen at Sat Mar 16 17:22:42 2002
[a lot of flames and blabla deleted]
> As long as GDB only helps me with
> things that don't need a debugger and does not support basic adb 
> features it is useless.
Maybe valgrind is something for you?

Anyway, please stop this nonsense thread and let others work!

Best regards

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