PDF format (was: Re: BitKeeper licence critic)

Laurent Guerby guerby at acm.org
Sun Mar 17 09:16:36 UTC 2002

Florian Weimer wrote:
> Wolfgang Jährling <wolfgang at pro-linux.de> writes
>>I can't see what's non-free about PDF. Could someone tell me please?
> Adobe tries to prevent people from writing pseudo-PDF implementations
> which do not conform to the spec.  IIRC, they claim to have
> copyrighted the keyword list and license it to you only if you
> implement The Real Thing.

To be compared with OpenGL and Mesa case which is handled
much more gracefully by the industry than what Adobe
does here with PDF. Adobe is abusing copyright law, if they want
to control the quality of PDF tools, they should do
a certification program with a test suite, a certification authority and 
a nice logo.
But obviously if they want to monopolize the PDF market and disallow
competing PDF software then unfortunately their attitude makes sense.

PS: do you have any URL about Adobe's claims?

Laurent Guerby <guerby at acm.org>

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