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Joerg Schilling schilling at
Sun Mar 17 08:36:17 UTC 2002

>From jeroen at Sun Mar 17 03:37:33 2002
>> >You're a funny dude. And arrogant one, thinking that cdrecord is such
>> >an important program. I can name dozens of programs which are far more
>> >important than cdrecord and most of them already run on GNU/Hurd. I
>> >would recommend people who want to port programs to GNU/Hurd to port
>> >some of the more important and useful programs instead of porting
>> >cdrecord.
>> You are the arrogant person!

>> I am only telling you facts.=20

>The fact is that the Hurd isn't death. The opposite is the fact: the

I did say that nobody was interested in cdrecord for HURD
and that if there were people who do real work with HURD those
people would have interest in cdrecord.

>Hurd has more developers today than it ever had in its existence. The
>conclusion that the Hurd is death is based on your arrogant assumption
>that cdrecord is one of the most important programs.

Again, you are arogant and you obviously never did look at freshmeat.
cdrecord has been #1 of interest for a long time and still is at
rank #3 (but could be at #2 if there were not so many bugs in Linux).

>Cdrecord one of the free programs with the highest interest? That's a

This is rewality, look at freshmeat....

>> Name a non-trivial program that has
>> been ported because there was a demand for it.

>There are dozens. Read the debian-hurd mailinglist archive and look in
>the debian bug tracking system if you want to know them. I can only
>guess what you mean with "non-trivial program" so I can't really name
>good examples.

So you cannot give an example?

>> >I know OSes with more potential than 80% of the OSes cdrecord is
>> >ported to. Also cdrecord runs on some really dead OSes (NT-3.5, BEos).=
>> There are more then zero people with interest for BeOS, there are zero pe=
>> with interest for cdrecord on HURD.=20

>I don't want cdrecord because I don't have a burner in m
>I probably don't want to use cdrecord on GNU/Hurd even if I had a

I don't force people to use cdrecord and I am happy if there are some 
people less to use it because this will give me more time for developement 
because I don't need to answer too many mails.

>Just two simple statements so you can even understand that cdrecord
>isn't the most important program on earth.

You are kidding again. How about giving statements that could help in a 

>Your conclusions are based on wrong assumptions. You are just
>spreading FUD by saying that the Hurd is death. I'll keep telling the
>true story if people are telling lies on this mailinglist.

If you like HURD not to be dead, then work on it and make it of interest for 
potential users. This is really simple isn't it?


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