GNU Hurd

Marcus Brinkmann marcus at
Sat Mar 16 16:46:00 UTC 2002

On Sat, Mar 16, 2002 at 05:00:59PM +0100, Joerg Schilling wrote:
> There are more then zero people with interest for BeOS, there are zero people
> with interest for cdrecord on HURD. 

Joerg, please port cdrecord to the Hurd.  And if that doesn't count I
can ask the ~800 people on debian-hurd if anybody of them would like to
see cdrecord ported to the Hurd, too, to send you a mail about it.
Would that be of any help?


PS: I have ported a couple of hundred programs to the Hurd because there
was a demand for it.  Hurd people don't walk around and ask people to do
their work.  Hurd people do the port themself and submit proper
patches.  cdrecord is difficult to port because we lack the interfaces
you need to access the hardware, and probably we lack the drivers, too.
So from the point of view of cdrecord, the Hurd is probably pretty
useless, but it is definitely far from dead.

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